Welcome to Lilac Counselling

Perhaps you've reached a time in your life where you want to explore and understand your sense of identity some more - perhaps you've put it on hold for a while or it's not really felt like an issue until now, and it can feel like there so many variations on the spectrums of gender identity and sexuality. These are at the core of who we are, how we relate to ourself, but also others around us.

The current COVID pandemic has changed all of our lives to different degrees, and many things we took for granted are no longer the case. You might probably be finding that being told to 'self-isolate', stay at home and avoid other people is resonating with you somehow - so to have a space to explore this uncertainty can be valuable, especially if you'd like to find a way through any lowness, anxieties, guilt, anger, and so on.

I will provide a gentle pace that feels containing, safe and free of judgement, to try to get a strong sense of your experience, to be honest with you, and to value you and where you are at the present moment. I will be accepting, not just tolerant, with whatever you bring. Sessions will be about whatever you want to bring, no pressure to say anything that you are not yet comfortable with. Trust is everything.


We'll have a short phone call to start with, so that we can establish what you feel you need from therapy, and also to get an initial "feel" for how we might work together. There is no commitment to continue - it will be up to you to decide if you want to work with me. If you did, we'd have a full consultation sessions where we can go into more depth. After about five or six sessions, we can review how things are going and you can then decide how much longer you would like.

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