Welcome to Lilac Counselling

Hello, I'm Mark. I'm a qualified integrative counsellor, and I'm LGBTQ+ affirmative which means that I will provide you with a safe space in which to explore areas around gender and sexuality that you might be experiencing difficulties and issues with.

My aim is to help you to find your way to better psychological wellbeing, and to help you feel more in touch with yourself and more empowered.

Perhaps you've reached a point where you now want to take the plunge and explore and understand your sense of identity some more - being more in touch with this can help you to better relate to yourself, but also others around you.

The current Covid pandemic might also be resonating or triggering - being constantly given the message of staying away and apart from others - perhaps you're experiencing feelings of lowness, anger, anxiety, guilt. 

I can help you with areas around:

- LGBTQ+, GSRD, sexuality and gender identity;

- coming out

- biracial and bicultural issues;

- relationships with partners, friends, family

- loneliness, anxiety, depression

I will provide a gentle pace that feels containing, safe and free of judgement, to try to get a strong sense of your experience, to be honest with you, and to value you and where you are at the present moment.


I will be accepting, not just tolerant, with whatever you bring. Sessions will be about whatever you want to bring, no pressure to say anything that you are not yet comfortable with.


©2020 by Mark Kenichi Davies