Welcome to Lilac Counselling

Welcome! My name’s Mark, and I’m a qualified integrative counsellor.  My aim is to help people with their psychological and mental well-being to heal themselves, so that they can lead richer and more fulfilling lives.


My own experiences of difference have led me to really value this aspect of people. By exploring those experiences that have led to feeling excluded, shamed, discriminated against, we can find strength, empowerment, a better self of self, and above all, pride in oneself.  Uniqueness is a strength.


The current Covid pandemic might also be resonating or triggering, with those constant and confusing messages of staying away and apart from others - perhaps you're experiencing feelings of lowness, anger, anxiety, guilt.


Starting counselling can seem a daunting prospect, but perhaps you've reached a point where you now need a space to talk and explore your current issues and experiences. It may be helpful to know that I offer a free 15 minute phone call so that you can get a feel of what it might be like.


Some areas that I can help with:


  • Covid-related issues

  • work, employment

  • sense of fulfilment and purpose

  • loneliness, anxiety, depression, guilt, anger, shame

  • LGBTQ+, GSRD, sexuality and gender identity, coming out

  • race, racism, biracial and bicultural issues;

  • relationships with partners, friends, family

  • sex and body image

  • self-confidence and self-esteem

  • HIV and related issues

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