Welcome to Lilac Counselling

Do you find it hard to form good relationships, be they friends, sexual or romantic? Does love seem elusive or difficult to find? Do you feel a sense of being overlooked, or even discriminated against, because of parts of your identity, like sexuality, gender and ethnicity?  Perhaps this gives you feelings like anxiety, frustration or anger, or perhaps a sense of numbness, an emptiness, a "something missing"; maybe even a sense of feeling different to everyone else.

I believe that understanding how we relate to others are key to having a better a sense of peace and connection with our own selves, and therefore our understanding of our relationship with the world and people around us. Working relationally, we will, at a safe pace, explore some of your current and past relationships to gain a better understanding of how you relate. Most of the therapy will be talking through whatever you want to bring, but sometimes we may also find it useful to use more creative techniques like guided visualisations, dreams, and noticing how your body feels physically in relation to your feelings. 


I will provide a gentle pace that feels containing, safe and free of judgement, to try to get a strong sense of your experience, to be honest with you, and to value you and where you are at the present moment. I will be accepting, not just tolerant, with whatever you bring.

The aim is that in time, you will see a gradual change towards feeling a greater sense of pride, acceptance and strength within yourself. 


We'll have a short phone call to start with, so that we can establish what you feel you need from therapy, and also to get an initial "feel" for how we might work together. There is no commitment to continue - it will be up to you to decide if you want to work with me. If you did, we'd have a full consultation sessions where we can go into more depth. After about five or six sessions, we can review how things are going and you can then decide how much longer you would like.


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