About talking therapy

How we relate is key to our wellbeing - this not only includes how you relate to other people, but also with yourself.  Part of how I practise will be to explore some of these relationships in your life, and we might also draw from your early experiences of others when you were growing up.  


Our early lives can have a lasting impression and impact, on how we are today, for example family, caregivers, school, friends, media, healthcare (amongst others). Whilst some of these messages we heard were helpful, we’ve also been left with unhelpful ones which may well be having a negative influence how you relate today.


Exploring how you might feel different to others may well be an important aspect of the counselling, because they may well have led to feelings of exclusion, shame, discrimination. Working together in a confidential* space you can find strength, empowerment, a better self of self, and above all, pride in yourself.  Your uniqueness is a strength.


The current Covid pandemic might also be resonating or triggering, with those constant and confusing messages of staying away and apart from others - perhaps you're experiencing feelings of lowness, anger, anxiety, guilt.


Starting therapy can seem a daunting prospect, but perhaps you've reached a point where you now need a space to talk and explore your current issues and experiences. It may be helpful to know that I offer a free 15 minute phone call so that you can get a feel of what it might be like.


Some areas that I can help with:


  • Covid-related issues

  • work, employment

  • sense of fulfilment and purpose

  • loneliness, anxiety, depression, guilt, anger, shame

  • LGBTQ+, GSRD, sexuality and gender identity, coming out

  • race, racism, biracial and bicultural issues;

  • relationships with partners, friends, family

  • sex and body image

  • self-confidence and self-esteem

  • HIV and related issues

*Everything we discuss remains confidential between us, and I keep any information about you securely. I will from time to time talk to my supervisor about our sessions in order to improve on our work together, however your identity is kept anonymous.

There are rare occasions where there are exceptions to confidentiality and others might need to be informed, for example if there is risk of harm to yourself or other people - I'd endeavour to discuss this with you first. There are also statutory requirements to report money laundering, terrorism, serious crime, as well as safeguarding children and vulnerable adults.