How I practise

I work with my clients online and by phone. 


Online and phone counselling has many benefits:


- having sessions from your own home, a safe space of your choosing

- no need to travel anywhere, making it more accessible - you can be anywhere

- it can feel safer by phone if you don't want to be seen in person - more anonymity

- more time flexibility


You'd need to find a quiet and undisturbed space for the sessions, but it would be somewhere of your choice where you could feel comfortable. 

I can help you with areas around:

- LGBTQ+, GSRD, sexuality and gender identity;

- coming out

- biracial and bicultural issues;

- relationships with partners, friends, family

- loneliness, anxiety, depression


I have public and private indemnity insurance through Howden, and am BACP registered 379659.

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