How I practise

I work with my clients both online, and outdoors. 

Being outdoors allows us to connect better with the natural world, and we would walk and pause at your pace, and in your direction. The outdoor air, trees, flowers and animals are a valuable way to bring us away from the busy and hectic life many of us lead, and changes in the seasons and the weather may also reflect how we are feeling. I find that is can be a great way to simply slow down; you may also find it easier and less intense than having therapy in a room, being able to glance around at your surroundings. We'd agree on a public space (e.g. a park) that is both quiet and convenient.

Online counselling has the benefits of being able to have sessions from your own home - you won't need to travel anywhere, and so neither of us need even be in the same part of the country.

We can of course combine both types, for example if the weather is particularly bad one day.

I can help you with areas around depression, anxiety, anger and how these are impacting on your life. Perhaps you want to explore your sexuality or gender, and relationships - be they family, friends, romantic, sexual and so on; coming out and how that might be concerning you and those around you; concerns around your use of alcohol and/or drugs. 

I'm a qualified integrative therapeutic counsellor with 10 years experience of working within mental wellbeing, including working with organisations like Samaritans, Metro and THT.

I have public and private indemnity insurance through Howden, and am BACP registered 379659.

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