About Me

How we relate is key to our wellbeing - this not only includes how you relate to other people, but also with yourself.  Part of how I practise will be to explore some of these relationships in your life, and we might also draw from your early experiences of others when you were growing up.  


Our early lives can have a lasting impression, even impact, on how we are today, for example family, caregivers, school, friends, media, healthcare (amongst others). Whilst some of these messages we heard were helpful, we’ve also been left with unhelpful ones which may well be influencing how you relate today.


I work with difference in mind, valuing you as an individual.  I'm LGBTQ+ affirmative, and work with clients exploring their gender and sexuality.  I also work with clients living with HIV and related conditions, and I'm conscious of how the current pandemic might be resonating or triggering.


I will provide a gentle pace that feels containing, safe and free of judgement, to try to get a strong sense of your experience, to be honest with you, and to value you and where you are at the present moment.


I will be accepting, not just tolerant, with whatever you bring. Sessions will be about whatever you want to bring, no pressure to say anything that you are not yet comfortable with.


I am a qualified integrative therapist - integrative meaning that I draw mainly from psychodynamic and person centred theory.  I also sometimes work with creative techniques, such as drawing and guided imagery.


I've been involved within HIV, LGBTQ+ and mental health in mentoring, peer support and helpline work since 2009. I have experience of working with with organisations like THT, Metro and Samaritans.


I have public and private indemnity insurance through Howden, and am BACP registered 379659.

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