Contact me

You can get in touch with me by email or phone below. In the first instance we'll have a free 15 minute phone/video call, before taking it further.

We'll have a short phone call to start with, so that we can establish what you would like from counselling, and also to get an initial "feel" for how we might work together.


After about five or six sessions, we can review how things are going and you can then decide how much longer you would like. 

At present we'd have session online or by phone - these have some advantages:


- having sessions from your own home, a safe space of your choosing

- no need to travel anywhere, making it more accessible - you can be anywhere

- it can feel safer by phone if you don't want to be seen in person - more anonymity

- more time flexibility


Of course having counselling online/phone is not for everyone - you'd need to find a quiet and undisturbed space for the sessions, but it would be somewhere of your choice where you could feel comfortable. 

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