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The world is designed in a way that excludes, discriminates and oppresses those of us who have a difference: school, culture, family, media, government, the workplace etc can leave a lasting early effect on us that stays with us through adulthood.


Perhaps you spend time by yourself because that’s the safest place; perhaps it’s really hard work trying to fit in; perhaps you are looking for belonging and community; perhaps you turn to alcohol, drugs, shopping, eating or sex as an escape or to feel freer.


Together we can work with any feelings of anxiety, shame, guilt, anger, depression, fear that may be rooted in those early experiences. 


I’ll provide a safe, gentle, non-judgemental, containing space where you can explore these areas at a pace that works for you.


I believe in everyone’s right to self identify, and to have pride in yourself and your sense of identity - there is nothing wrong with you, it is the outside world that is telling you this! 


I can help you to explore your own sense of difference, be that gender identity, sexuality, relationship diversity, race ethnicity skin colour, neurodiversity (and so on), and help you to find ways to feel stronger and thrive in this world.